Iconic La Jolla Building Gets a Facelift

The architect for the apartment addition, James Alcorn, looked to build upon the work of the original architect. His vision was to respect the shapes of the existing building while also providing definition between the two phases. He employs similar materials and colors to combine the pieces seamlessly, but adds corner windows and a prominent trellis to provide views and playful light to the apartment.

“Working with David has been such a wonderful experience. As we walked the site for the first time, he snapped some incredible test photos that made me feel confident in his vision right from the start. I was thrilled to see that the finished photographs highlighted exactly what we had discussed and showed off the architectural detailing that we are so proud of. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer who is an absolute pleasure to work with and has a fantastic eye for architecture.” — Kaysie R.

Dress for Photoshoot Success

How To Dress for Your Business Portrait

The business photo will be used to represent you and your company, so you need to dress accordingly. You’ll want to wear professional business attire that is classic and timeless to give a longer life to the image. The idea is to look professional, confident, yet friendly and approachable. Your clothing choices can either help or distract. Here are a few suggestions to prepare for your shoot.


  • You always look best in clothes that you are comfortable and confident in!
  • Bring an alternate outfit with you to the photoshoot.
  • Choose well-fitting clothing. Clothes that are too loose look unkempt and widen your figure. If the outfit is too tight you look uncomfortable and heavy.
  • Three-quarter length or long sleeves are more flattering.
  • TIP: If possible, choose clothes in which you can cross your arms comfortably without the shoulders riding up.


  • Avoid clothes that wrinkle easily.
  • Avoid items that are distracting. That means:
    • Don’t wear printed designs, busy patterns or fabric with herringbone texture.
    • Don’t accessorize with large, shiny jewelry and watches.


  • Fitted tops always look better than loose ones.
  • Choose v-necks or square-necks. A wide-open neckline tends to thicken the neck in a photo. Avoid floppy necklines.


  • The more formal the portrait the darker the colors should be.
  • Do not wear a lighter jacket than the shirt you are wearing underneath.


  • To show camaraderie and unity in a group photo, choose SIMILAR colors. However, avoid having everyone in the same blue/black suit with a red tie – some variety of color keeps the photo interesting.
  • Dissimilar or CLASHING colors can be too distracting and if only one person wears something different, he/she will appear as an outsider.
  • Coordinate the colors with each other before the shoot, and remember to bring an alternate choice.


Wear your makeup like you would for a nice evening out. Well done, but not overdone. Avoid sharp demarcation lines and shimmery or white makeup.Bring extra powder to reapply during the shoot to avoid shine.


Let your photographer know if you are wearing glasses ahead of time. Non-reflective lenses are a great help.


  • Solid colors photograph best.
  • Wear colors that work well with your complexion.
  • Dark hues (blues, blacks) are generally associated with being powerful and commanding respect. They also tend to slenderize your figure.


  • Beware of the color red: bright red may be viewed as aggressive or abrasive in a business setting, however, it’s effective if you want to stand out (it’s also fine as an accent color).
  • Other colors to avoid: white and pastels (except for shirts under a jacket), purple as the main color (it’s fine as an accent), and bright yellows and oranges.

Fun Portrait Photoshoot

We recently did a portrait photoshoot with client Jackson Dalton. Here are some behind the scenes captures and a couple final shots.

What Jackson had to say: “I recently booked a photoshoot with David Hartig. I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough time to get the ‘perfect shot.’ I also have a hard time loosening up and I was afraid that I might be too serious for the shoot. My fears were immediately dispelled; David had me laughing and joking from the start. His onset sense of humor is contagious and I had no problem relaxing and just being myself.  It showed in the final product – David was able to capture a number of ‘perfect shots,’ to the point where it was a challenge to pick just 4 for my company website.”  — Jackson Dalton, Black Box Safety, President

New Website Features

We can’t believe it has been 5 years since we last reworked our website – and it has been quite the process of discovery. Christina sorted through over 12,000 potential images to create the new photo galleries. The new site is easy to use, fast, mobile friendly and offers nifty features like a ‘PDF Builder’ that allows you to download your favorite images for review.

We are truly grateful to have played a small part in so many amazing peoples lives and stories. Thank you!

Best Lawyer Magazine Cover – Frantz Law Group

We are happy to share that, for the last 4 years in a row, we have been selected to shoot the cover for Best Lawyers Magazine – San Diego Edition. Here is the most recent, the 2017 cover. If you are looking for an exceptional law firm, you can find more info at: www.bestlawyers.com.

Remodeled Lyceum Theatre Shoot

We recently had the honor to work with the Horton Plaza Theatres Foundation to photograph the newly remodeled lobby of the Lyceum Theatre in Downtown San Diego. The central showpiece is a beautifully bamboo-finished staircase leading to the lower lobby. Check it out next time you are at Horton Plaza – and stop by the remodeled refreshment stand offering colorful and tasty cocktails. For more info go to: www.hptf.us.






What our client had to say: “It is with great pleasure that I recommend David Hartig as an outstanding commercial photographer. David came highly recommended from a business associate. Upon meeting and discussing our vision, he was hired to take photographs of the newly renovated lobbies of the Lyceum Theatres. His attention to detail and artistic eye produced some of the most amazing photos. From a personal perspective, working with David was effortless; he seemed to intuitively read my needs and the environment to bring our vision to life! He will not disappoint!”
– Sandra S.

Consistency Builds Trust

A research study conducted by McKinsey & Co.found that consumers trusted banks 30% more often when they delivered consistent customer experiences compared to those that scored poorly in consistency. In this age of visual importance this approach must also extend into your marketing by being consistent with your imagery.

Consistency in Look
You want to ensure your imagery is consistent across all methods of presentation. While it seems logical to bring in a photographer to shoot an image for a billboard, more often than not unprofessional snapshots or videos are posted to the company blog and on social media sites.

Another place to watch for consistency are company headshots – employees and partners leave and new ones are hired. You may not hire the same photographer, or even if you do he might not match the same look unless specifically requested. Sometimes it seems easier to just have the employees bring in a photo of themselves. However, this mix and match approach can lead to an inconsistent presentation, prompting potential clients to think that you have a high turnover at your company.

The bottom line: Stay consistent and you will have put in place a strong foundation in building trust with your clients.

Public Radio’s A Way with Words

When Martha Barnette contacted me and asked me to photograph a reception for A Way with Words, I was excited to do it. For many years I have enjoyed the public radio show, which airs on KPBS and other public radio stations in 33 states. I was surprised to find out, that it is financially not supported by KPBS, and has to secure its own funding, hence the “friendraising” event. For more information about the show go to www.waywordradio.org.

Here is what Martha had to say: “David was great to work with. He answered all my initial email questions promptly and clearly. He understood the nature of our reception, and captured the spirit perfectly. I’ve been trying to choose one favorite photo from the event, but it’s hard to single out just one, because there are so many great ones to choose from! I would definitely hire him again.”